Durian Cake

Durian Cake


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In normal conditions, Durian grows bright green with orange pistils. But when it gets a little cold, the plant goes purple, almost chocolaty brown all over. Even the leaves are a mellow bronzy plum color that is as pleasing to look at as it is to pick. So long as you keep the temperature at around 72-76 during the day and around 70-72 at night, Durian plants shouldn’t put up a fuss. They’ll stay squat and happy. But they may transform from fluffy green to a unique and mellow purple if you let them get chilly. The terpenes in this strain favor sweet citrus flavors and hints of the outdoors, like lemon pine. But they also earn their namesake with a whiff of funk that makes Durian almost unbearable for some users. This strain’s aroma just keeps getting stronger and stronger, filling whatever room it’s in. As a genetic combination of GMO and Forbidden Fruit, this may not surprise you. Durian can’t be recommended for modest or hidden smoking. Only dip into it if you’re ready to fill the house with funky cheese and fruit smells. The strain sits at around 18% THC on average, which is both welcoming to newcomers without being too boring for experienced users. If you’ve ever had Forbidden Fruit or GMO, you should know kind of what to expect with Durian. Just remember that the plant lets out quite a stench! Like it’s namesake, it tends to be somewhere between fruit, cream, and outrageous cheesy funk.


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